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Róisín Straver.
Everythimg happens for a reason. N.M

Sunset on the mountains 🌅 (at Belle Plagne)
at Plagne Centre : 2000m!
I love playing with sunsets 🌅
Hey. 🌸 (at Woking)
Woke up this morning(12:30pm) to this beautiful present all wrapped up in delft paper from Aisling. 💖  (at Horsell)
Church bells a’ ringin’ (at Xaló)
Woggle Weather ⛵️ (at Urbanització Monte Pego)
28 in the sun, today was awesome ☀️😎 (at Montepego)
Costa Blanca ☀️💖 (at Urbanització Monte Pego)
As long as my outfit is pretty it’s okay if I collapse in my attempt to get fit for summa!  (at Horsell)
Made another 2piece, in a floral pastel blue and silver stretch fleece with iridescent trim. Perf with ma new jellies!  💖 (at Horsell)
Finally finished! My Rembrandt Delftware two piece bring on spring🌹  (at Horsell)
Teaching myself how to use Godets, more luck than judgement!  (at Horsell)
Green Tea and Matthew Williamson Kit💖 let’s go party!  (at Woking)
Roley-Poley 😘 (at Horsell)